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Founded in 2021, Dream Team Properties is a British-owned real estate agency with offices in Barsha Heights, Dubai, offering the best customer service in the real estate industry. We are experienced in leasing and selling luxury estates such as villas, apartments, commercial and residential properties in Dubai.

We take pride in serving with high standards made possible by our competent RERA-certified agents. With their expertise in real estate brokerage, coupled with professional administrative and marketing support, we provide unrivalled results to our clientele.

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Why are we here?

Dubai is rising globally, spearheaded by the real estate industry. Thus, the Dream Team exists to make the most out of your leasing, buying, and selling experience.

Why do we Exist

Committed to delivering excellent real estate service and streamlining the experience of buying, selling, leasing, and renting luxury properties in Dubai performed by our competent agents equipped with skills and the latest technologies.

What we aspire For

We aspire to be recognized as the leading experts in leasing and selling luxury properties, offering the highest quality service, and upholding professional competence.

What Guides Us

Our vision and mission are guided by our commitment to four core values of Trust, Ethics, Accountability, and Motivation (TEAM).


We build the foundation of trust by adhering to the standards of the real estate industry, living our values, fulfilling our commitments, and promoting open and fact-based communications with our clients and colleagues. We are firmly against fake listings and false advertising.


As real estate agents, we respect others’ traditions, customs, and opinions as we firmly hold our discipline and professionalism. We are accountable for our work, our business, and our actions. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment at our agency. 


All the agents of Dream Properties clearly understand their responsibilities, respect authority, and firmly follow ethical and legislative guidelines regarding sales and leasing in Dubai. Every agent takes accountability for their work, producing outstanding results in a timely and efficient manner.


Motivation allows us to gain essential outcomes and breakthroughs like improved performance, enhanced well-being, personal growth, and a greater sense of purpose. Our real estate agents must always embrace motivation to develop optimism and challenge the status quo.

Our Services

Do you want to finally take a big step forward? Check out the following services that we may help you with.

Finding the right agency to sell or lease your real estate properties in Dubai is an arduous task. And finding a suitable agent is a crucial decision to make – you are about to let someone take over the responsibility of taking care of your property. 

Real estate is one of the best investments of a lifetime, so you should choose a trusted and competent real estate agency and agent to take care of everything for you.

The Dream Team Properties genuinely understands your dilemma. Therefore, we want to free you of all the inconveniences and burdens. As experts in the industry, we guarantee you that we can sell or lease your properties in the fastest way possible with the most competitive price in the market. Your luxury villas, apartment, commercial, and residential properties must be handled with care by exemplary real estate agents.

Property Viewing

Searching for a house can be overwhelming, as numerous options are available on the market. Thus, over many years serving our clients, our staff has accumulated the required experience and skill in providing you with the best selection of real estate assets that fit your stringent criteria and standards.

We at Dream Properties offer the best Property Viewing services to assist you in realising the right property for you. Many prospective buyers struggle to envision themselves in a house simply by looking at images or imagining the property’s features. Physical property viewing is still the best method and a necessary component of the process prior to purchasing or leasing real estate.

By doing so, you can personally get the immediate impression, assess if it meets your needs and wants, and holistically see the bigger picture of the property – does it suit your preferred surroundings neighbourhood, do you like the space and ambience?

Full Consultation

Real estate decisions can be tricky and complicated. One wrong move may cause a trickle-down effect on your investment and valuable assets; that is why it is imperative not to be impulsive in decision-making and take an informed approach regarding real estate.

As a client, you must thoroughly understand every transaction, the pros and cons, and the possible outcomes in every step you choose. Being informed and updated is the main factor in producing the best judgment towards finding proper resolutions and settlements.

With our popular Full Consultation service, you can count on us to guide you through all the way. You can ask us everything you want to know about real estate, and we’ll be delighted to help you realize what it is precise that you want to achieve.

Worry no more and start talking now to our agents at Dream Properties.

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